My flamenco is not fusion... it´s evolution

Pablo Rubén
proudly presents
Today´s Flamenco closer than ever
Unique and only flamenco piano show in the world

Pablo Ruben Maldonado wants to bring the best flamenco in Madrid, introducing another way of sharing and feel this magic music, in one of the most emblematic flamenco dance academies in the world, Amor de Dios


A rehearsal room and stage, where most of the best flamenco dancers have been exploring their souls.

Far from the large audiences, without formalities, an acoustic and intimate experience for both, the artist and the public, so close that they can hear the breath of each other … In this context, it is inevitable to emerge an almost magical connection between them.

23rd June 2018 Flamenco in the Backstage with Carmen la Talegona/baile, Ismael De la Rosa /cante and Pablo Rubén Maldonado/piano Madrid Amor de dios Available on website 
30th June 2018 Flamenco in the Backstage with Carlos Avecilla/baile, Chelo Pantoja/cante and Pablo Rubén Maldonado/piano Madrid Amor de dios Available on website 
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Perhaps it is the breath of his spirit, of his personality on this earth, I do not know what it is, but in this recording Pablo “sells” something more than “g minor” or “3/4” or “scales” and also, more than sound… you can feel his spirit emanting from his music.  Jorge Pardo – saxophonist, flutist and composer ‘. Award for Best European Jazz Musician, by the French Jazz Academy.

Pablo Rubén Maldonado, author, composer and pianist. Pablo began playing the piano at the age of four, when he was taught his first notes by his father. At eight he was studying at Juventudes Musicales and combining his work on the piano with his love for flamenco.Two years later he was given a place at the Music Conservatory in Granada where he continued his studies of piano, theory and harmony, under the tuition of suchprofessors as Gloria Emparán, José Luis Hidalgo, Luis Megías y Enrique Rueda, Chano Dominguez, Albert Bover… For three years Pablo sang tenor in the prestigious Granada choir “Coral Generalife” conducted by the musician and composer, Luis Megias.



Corollaries of the BackstagePablo Rubén MaldonadoDVD
AlmanjayarPablo Ruben MaldonadoCD
Corollaries of the BackstagePablo Rubén MaldonadoDIGITAL VIDEOS
Fuera de la RealidadPablo Ruben MaldonadoCD

“Fuera de la realidad”

it is a reflection about the current world in which we live, where capitalism and wars remain the trigger for the high volatility and the enormous social differences that still exist on the planet.

Devastation of natural resources is causing an untold damage, dragging our ecosystem to the brink.

Given the need to bare my revolutionary soul, I composed “Fuera de la realidad”. In this work I condemn and reject outright this lifestyle, which, remains clear and crisp than what prevails are the common interests of the richest .

I claim for a better world for my children.

I have found the necessary elements to develop my own language. Rhythmic-harmonic-melodic elements, common in flamenco, classical and African-American Music, Persian, Indian, rap, funk, and Jazz of course, and in all styles that excite me and make me shudder, polishing and shaping , without altering their spirit, to improvise like a jazz musician but always and anyway, sounding flamenco. Flamenco is an endless source of inspiration.

My flamenco is not fusion… It´s evolution.

Pablo Rubén Maldonado





Juan Vergillos

Diario de Sevilla


The solo concert format and his own voice that the one from Granada offered is, according to my taste, the ideal of Flamenco piano. Click for more
XIII EDITION CONCERT “Nights in the gardens of the Sevilla Alcázar”

The solo concert format and his own voice that the one from Granada offered is, according to my taste, the ideal of Flamenco piano.

He is the ideal interpreter of the naive frankness that his lyrics bring to us and he delivered them brilliantly. But Maldonado’s best feature are his hands, and he knows it. His capacity for the invention of the most diverse melodies… It was therefore, a sort of Köln concert, or Jondo concert. Something like a Well-Tempered Piano or a Well- Maldonadoed Pablo. With Jarrett, like

Gould, Maldonado sings, hums, wells with emotion and lets his melodies carry him away.


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